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[Eminent] Blog Post Comment Reflection

Good day! In this blog post, I will be reflecting on the process of reading and commenting on my peer’s eminent blog posts.

Reading about my peer’s eminent people was an engaging experience. I learned about a variety of people, some that I did not know about previously and others whom I am familiar with but was still excited to read about. The depth with which my peers explained their research was admirable and I could sense how eager everyone was to talk about these people they respected. I found commenting on these posts more difficult than reading them because there was a lot of thinking involved in giving critique but it was a rewarding challenge. Sometimes I found it hard to critique blog posts because they were so well-written and other times I felt like there was so much well-done that I could not pick specific characteristics to praise, but in those situations, I kept reading and analyzing, which helped improve my skills. Some of the critiques I gave to my peers I felt I could also consider for my future writing (conciseness, formatting, etc). I also took note of some ideas and pointers from their blog posts, like details they included about their eminent people that I had not thought to research. These observations of my classmates’ excellent blog posts will help me improve my Eminent Person learning and blog post writing in the future.

Bana • October 25, 2021

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