Molecular Musings: Acids and Bases

Molecular Musings: Acids and Bases Here is my Molecular Musing on acids and bases. Hope you learn something new, and enjoy! Here is my Bibliography AmerChemSoc. (2018, November 08). What Are Acids & Bases? | Chemistry Basics. Retrieved November 03, 2020, from Bergwerf, H….

My Ecological Footprint

My Ecological Footprint: 7.9 Hectares Total Points: 790 Comparing My Footprint to Others Mine: 7.9 Others: 8.7, 8.65, 12.16, 7.45, 7.45, 6.8   Ten things that increase footprint My showers are typically pretty long, over 3-6 minutes Though I don’t have too much garbage, it…