Interview Reflection

I interviewed Rean on Tuesday. I prepared eleven questions that I thought would give me some valuable and interesting insight into her. I asked  open questions like “What inspired you to join the talons program?” I also asked closed questions like “Do you have any hobbies? During the interview, I tried to stay professional, but I did not want to make her uncomfortable. I managed to get to all the eleven questions I had prepared but I was not able to expand on the responses Rean gave, for some questions I gave Rean could not answer right away because of their difficulty. I wasn’t prepared for this and received feedback that I should have asked easier questions. I got positive feedback that I stayed interested throughout the entire presentation, showing friendliness, and using an encouraging tone. Unfortunately, to appear engaged I repeated my response to Rean, saying things like “ok or cool” too many times. To get ready for an interview with an expert on my eminent person I will focus my questions about working with or studying John Conway, rather than asking for random information.  I want to improve my skills when I need to stay engaged by varying my responses. Although I think it is important to focus on responses that I find informative. I also want to go more indepth and ask follow-up questions when I do my actual interview. Overall, I feel that I did good on the practice interview and am looking forward to the real one.   

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