In Depth Blog Post 6

How will I present my In-Depth? For the past few months I have been hard at work developing a game that I will have open on my laptop for people to play on In-depth night.  This game will have all of the game mechanics that I have been learned, and will feature extra content, like … [Read more…]

In Depth Blog Post #5

Progress Report: Since my last blog post, I have added numerous new game mechanics to my game. Firstly, projectile weapons have been introduced to the game. Secondly, I have implemented an HP system to both the player, and the enemies. They now have health bars that float above their heads to show the players how … [Read more…]

In-Depth Blog Post #4

Progress Report: In the past few weeks, I have made a lot of progress in the creation of my game. I have added a slew of new features, such as new enemies that pathfinds toward the player, melee attacks, and sprite animations. In addition, the player will now always face the direction of the mouse. … [Read more…]

In Depth Blog Post 3

What went well during mentoring sessions? Our sessions are very centered around me, and what I would like for my project. My mentor does not try to impose a rigid set of rules for what I do and is not picky with the ways I do them. While he is very open-minded, he also uses … [Read more…]

In Depth Blog Post 2

In the past few weeks I have been hard at work mastering the many facets of the Unity game development engine. In the past week I have been tinkering around with the Ruby’s Adventure Unity tutorial to help me familiarize myself with the mechanics of Unity. I chose this tutorial because it perfectly fit the … [Read more…]

In Depth Introductory Blog Post

My Chosen Skill For my in-depth project I have chosen to learn game design. I will be learning how to design a 2D video game using a program called Unity. I will be learning how to create a game, including all of its assets, as well as how to code its various game mechanics like … [Read more…]

John C. Maxwell 360° Leader Assignment

Complete others, don’t compete 360° leaders play the invaluable support role in the organization, not only to the higher ups, but also to their equals. There are plenty of leaders in the middle, and the 360° leader might feel the urge to compete against them and become the best. They must resist this, and instead … [Read more…]

Learning Center – Clair Cameron Patterson

Welcome everyone! My eminent person is Clair Cameron Patterson. Here is the link to my learning center: Clair Cameron Patterson Learning Centre ( Here is a documentary that documents Clair Cameron Patterson, and is where I originally learned of him. I believe you can also find this episode on Disney+, if you have it. The … [Read more…]

Eminent Person Review Reflection

While reading my group-member’s blogs, a learned a lot about the struggles that all of their eminent people went through. I found that there was great variety in each of their chosen people: some chose musicians, others chose scientists, or athletes. I learned about their achievements and great feats of human perseverance, and learned a … [Read more…]