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Hi, my name is Brian, my favourite thing to do in my spare time is draw, read, or play video games. Most of my friends know that art and badminton are some of my greatest interests. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been attending art lessons for about 4-6 years, and my favourite art medium currently is watercolour painting.


           Hobbies, Interests, and Sports

  • Art
  • Origami
  • Chemistry
  • Badminton
  • Listening to Music
  • Baking
  • Playing Video Games
  • Singing

More about me

On a daily basis I like watching Youtube videos, it’s a quick way for me to learn new information, such as different art techniques. Youtube is a universal way for people to share content and information while expressing who they are as a person, which is why I use it a lot to follow my interests, I really like Youtube because I can learn about other’s experiences, specifically in the art industry.

Another website that I use quite frequently and means a lot to me is Google. In today’s world many people rely on search engines such as Google to find information, instead of meticulously flipping for a small piece of information in a book, nowadays you can search or ask any question and get instant results. I use Google a lot to study for research projects, and the information on Google is constantly growing



Although I don’t play badminton on a competitive level, I do have a passion for badminton, it was the sport that I grew up with, and it helped me bond with my dad. I frequently play badminton with him during the summer, and sometimes I go to badminton camps/classes.



One of my greatest interests is art, I’ve been taking drawing lessons for about 4-6 years now, it’s a big part of my life, and recently I have been most interested in watercolour painting. One of my favourite artists is a youtube creator named Kelogsloops, I like him because his style is very unique, and his paintings create a soothing environment.


As I have said before art is an incredibly important part of my life, I like going on youtube and watching painting time-lapses, since watching someone else paint is very soothing, this video is also done by one of my favourite artists, and is the one that I have stated above. I find that watching someone else paint can be very soothing, and it’s cool seeing other peoples’ art styles. I also like to listen to the voiceovers, because you can learn a lot from their personal experience, whether it’s their experience during this painting, or their experience in the art industry.

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