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I used this source the most for researching Montgomery’s death and mental health issues for my intro blog post.  I found this article quite informative, as it specifically addressed what might’ve been factors that fed her anxiety and depression.  The article gathered evidence from Montgomery’s journal pages to convey exactly what the author was feeling at the time, and has been published fairly recently. This article was extremely helpful to understand the more taboo side of Montgomery’s life.


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This source was instrumental in terms of revealing Montgomery’s abstract thought process.  The inferences that the author of the article made came directly from the original manuscript of Anne of Green Gables, so the evidence was close to coming form Montgomery herself.  Since Anne of Green Gables was rejected five different times, Montgomery would’ve had to considerably change the original manuscript.  From this article, I was able to see her original ideas and what specifically might’ve caused the book to be initially rejected.  However, this resource was written in the form of a news article, so there is a chance that the article was slightly dramatized to become a news-worthy piece.


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I used this article mainly just to check my other sources of information and get a general idea of Montgomery’s life.  Because this page came from a well known Canadian resource, I found the information to be trustworthy and informative while managing to be succinct.  It was also helpful that the article identified debated topics and looked at all sides from a neutral point of view.


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This was the video that I used as an introduction of sorts for my blog post.  The entire script quotes Montgomery’s journal pages, so it really gives a feel of Montgomery’s personal life while she was alive.  The video also allowed me to have a distinct view of Montgomery’s voice, which I used as somewhat of a reference point for my speech.


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This biography was my primary source of research throughout the entire project.  I mainly used it as information for Montgomery’s childhood (the focus point of my speech), but it was generally the most informative resource I had.  The biography was written by Mary Henley Rubio, who is a trustworthy professor that has completed thorough research on Montgomery’s life.  Once I read it, I had a clear and comprehensive understanding of Montgomery’s struggles and accomplishments.

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