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For my In-Depth project this year, I am going to be learning some basic poses in aerial hoop.  An aerial hoop is a kind of aerial equipment used in circus – it’s basically a large steel hula hoop that is suspended by the ceiling.  The hoop is quite versatile – it can be used static (staying in one place), swinging, or spinning. I plan to learn my skills and acquire a mentor through the individual teaching private lessons at the Circus Lab – a circus school in Langley, BC.  This past Thursday, I have sent an email to the Circus Lab requesting private lessons as well as a mentorship, and I have made two phone calls. I have not gotten a response yet, which is quite frustrating, but if they don’t respond or don’t have private lessons available there are other circus schools that offer private lessons so I do have a backup plan.  My specific goal is to learn 15 beginner poses on the hoop, then film a routine with what I’ve learned. To monitor my progress I will film semi-regular “progress videos” and upload some of them with my regular blog posts. I will have my routine filmed by May 19, and I will present the routine at In-Depth night on May 25. I have chosen aerial hoop for my In-Depth field of study because I am involved with circus but never had the chance to discover hoop.  I also hope to gain confidence by building on existing skills in circus.


An example of a basic pose in aerial hoop.


Resources and articles: 

Some information about the aerial hoop

The Circus Lab’s homepage

A dictionary of basic poses for aerial hoop 



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