1. Hey Bridget! I loved your unique topic in this Talon Talk. I found your presentation very interesting and intriguing. Very good detailed information. I was just wondering, what makes you so passionate about this topic?

    1. Hey Josee, thanks for your feedback! I would say I am passionate about this topic because I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, and I was very interested to see the science behind a specific procedure, especially one that I think I will be able to use myself in the future. I also love chocolate, so it was really fun to learn about it.

  2. Hi Bridget, I really enjoyed learning about the different factors that affect chocolate making. The information was well organized and easy to follow. Your presentation was visually attractive and made me hungry. 🙂 I found the piece about chocolate seizing from water interesting and researched how to “revive” seized chocolate. The answer I saw was to add more water. Can you please explain the science behind why that is?

    1. Hi Rian, thanks for your feedback! Like you said, to fix seized chocolate, you add about a 1/4 a cup more boiling water. This is because it helps to dissolve the sugar and cocoa particles in the seized chocolate clumps so that you can achieve a smooth consistency once more.

  3. Amazing Talon Talk Bridget! I found your topic really interesting and I think that this was an intriguing question. your presentation is organized well and aesthetic which made me want to learn more. Is there a story around why you chose this question?

    1. Hi Ellie, I’m glad you liked my presentation! A year or two ago, my mom and I attempted to temper chocolate when we were making cake pops, but we went in with practically no knowledge and it didn’t work at all. After that, we’ve never really tried to do anything but melt it, but with this knowledge in mind, I hope to try it again successfully and gain a great baking skill to use in the future.

  4. Amazing Ted Talk Bridget! I liked how you chose a unique topic, and I found your presentation interesting and easy to follow. I like the amount of detail you put into each point. Since this topic was so unique, what made you choose this topic in the first place?

    1. Hi Claire, I’m glad you enjoyed my Ted Talk! I would say I chose this topic because I wanted to study one that I was already interested in and one that could benefit my skills in real life. I enjoy baking and cooking a lot with my mom, and I thought this would be a very interesting concept to learn the science behind and learn how to do it.

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