In-Depth Blog Post #6

Welcome to my 6th and final In-Depth Blog Post! For the In-Depth Night, I will be doing a small learning center. Before I get into the post, I would like to thank my mentor for their time and effort to teach me many skills over the 5 months.

For my learning center, I will be bringing mini cards with a written “character” on them and I will display them around my table. With the mini cards, I will also bring some of the materials I used and put them on display as well. People can come over and look at them, and they can ask me questions about the different strokes, the equipment, and the process. I will also be painting live during the event to show the process of my works. I have decided I won’t use ink during, due to possible spills and stains (that are a pain to clean up). To interact with the audience more, I will create a small station where the audience can try out my skill on my “practice mat” to see what it feels like.


I hope you’ll enjoy my learning station and see you on May 31st!

Chinese Calligraphy & Ink Painting


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