Annotated Bibliography Eminent 2019

Works Cited: Douglas Jung

1. Butts, Edward. “Douglas Jung” The Canadian Encyclopedia, January 18, 2019.

This encyclopedia entry is a summary of Douglas Jung’s life. It talks about his childhood, war service, legal career, political career, accomplishments, and his awards. It goes into depth for each of his big accomplishments and has pictures and videos to follow along with. The article was very detailed and included lots of small facts too. It was my first entry level research into Douglas Jung as a whole.

2. Lowe, Wesley. “Douglas Jung” Veterans Affairs Canada, July 30, 2019.

This website is the Veteran’s Affairs website for all of Canada. It has an interviewer asking Douglas Jung questions about his time as a soldier and his experiences. The interview was both recorded verbally and transcribed to better understand it. The answers to questions were Douglas’s personal accounts and thoughts on what happened, allowing for a more personal take on the research.

3. Unknown Author. “Douglas Jung” The University of British Columbia, unknown date.

4. Lowe, Wesley. “John ko Bong” Veterans Affairs Canada, July 30, 2019.

This webpage was from the Veteran’s Affairs website for all of Canada. The webpage is a short interview of John Ko Jong. It asks about his military service and what happened in operation oblivion. I used it as a second perspective looking at Douglas and viewing Operation Oblivion from another’s eyes. I also used it to create a character while writing my speech.

5. Hawthorn, Tom. “Jung, Douglas Class of ‘41” Victoria High School, February 2, 2002.

This was a document from Victoria High School, Douglas’s high school growing up. It goes into depth on how Douglas was treated growing up and how he became the person who we know today. It also mentions his careers and what happened after all his accomplishments and service. I ended up using much of the information and double-checking information from other pages. It really ended up being a new perspective with lots of new information on Douglas and his life.

6. Chong, W. “Biography of Captain Douglas Jung SOA” Burma Star Association, unknown date.

7. Griffin, Kevin. “Canada 150: Douglas Jung Fought for Canada before Chinese-Canadians were recognized as citizens” Vancouver Sun, May 25, 2017.

This is a Vancouver Sun article from Canada’s 150-year celebration. The article was part of a series that brought notable Canadians into the spotlight. It mainly talks about Jun’s achievements in the military, law, and politics, along with some family history. This article was the first one I read about Douglas Jung and got me really hooked on him as my eminent person.

8. Oblivion Productions. “Meet the Operatives” Operation Oblivion, 2019.

9. MTCSALTC. “Douglas Jung” Road to Justice, 2011.

10. Unknown Author. “1997 Recipient: Douglas Jung – Vancouver” The Order of British Columbia, unknown date.

11. Price, John. “Douglas Jung” Victoria’s Chinatown, unknown date.

12. Smith, Charlie. “Vancouver Council Accepts recommendation to Apologize for Past Prejudice Against Chinese-Canadians” The Georgia Straight, November 2, 2017.

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