TALONS Digital Literacy Assignment Reflection #2: ZIP Project

ZIP Project: Persuasion

Zip Proposal: https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/125-cng1_sd43_bc_ca/EdaiuZk0bBZImcqVfGLUy6wBvZvmy24Zd1wFUrfyxStybQ?e=cxm9hG

Zip Notes: https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/125-cng1_sd43_bc_ca/EWOae3n6kR5Ppkt8eWWTfc4BgRSSGJGFitAy9hil-wg6wA?e=6Eg0c6

Zip Final Artifact: https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/125-cng1_sd43_bc_ca/EXEzQPMMnIBOmBSqtZx8c5cBvnWS97Y190UfwLASyNon5w?e=fCIgJf

Zip Final Artifact Notes: https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/125-cng1_sd43_bc_ca/EaG_MoPetjZAvnHFfEfrONwBDLGPCci_vpn5q986NGC0JA?e=NYksNI

My ZIP project on persuasion was a passion project. We were given two weeks to research a topic. The topic could be anything as long as you could turn it into any inquiry project. For my topic I chose persuasion, and my question was “What are the key elements that allow you to persuade someone into agreeing with you?”. I spent a week doing research on this question, to get the clearest understanding. After I knew the answer to my inquiry question, I decided to show what I learned about persuasion my writing a persuasive essay on why students should be given less homework. Then I did a presentation one on one with a few different classmates to teach them about what I learned while they evaluated me. Finally, I learned about my classmates passion projects and gave them an evaluation and feedback like they gave me. 

1. I attribute credit to ideas that are not my own by preparing a Bibliography/Works Cited and by using in-text citations.

I credited my research in my bibliography and in my work. I have my bibliography attached above at the bottom of my notes and I used that throughout my research. each section of research has the information from each source and I make sure to credit the sources in that way. I also created a bibliography in my final essay and cited sources throughout my essay as proof.

2. I look at controversial issues or topics from opposed perspectives to gain a more complete understanding.

Through my research I learned that to properly argue or persuade someone, you need to understand the opposing point of view. When I was writing my final essay I research both why homework was good, and why homework is bad. I had to gain a complete understanding and then argue why my idea was better. I make notes of this in my essay research, and also in my actual essay when I have concessions.

3. I respond to the work or ideas of my peers in a way that is compassionate and productive.

At the end of ZIP, we did peer evaluation sessions. At first, I presented all my findings and taught my classmates about persuasion while they gave me critiques and feedback. After I got all my feedback from several people, I watched my peer’s presentations. During this time I also helped critique what was good and bad about their presentation and gave them ways that they could improve. Through this, I responded to the work of my peers in a compassionate and productive way.

4. I determine and use the most effective medium to present my work.

After my first week of research on persuasion, I had to choose a way to show my learning. I decided to do a persuasive essay because it could help me show all the skills I learned and it was easy for other people to understand. Basically I had to decide what way I wanted to present my learning, and I chose a simple and effective persuasive essay.