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In Depth Blog Post #6

In Depth Blog Post #6

Back in December, at the beginning of my In-Depth project, I imagined myself at In-Depth night surrounded by my TALONS classmates, parents and teachers. I pictured a buzz of energy through the MPR, filled with excitement and pride, as we shared our hard work and learning. When I first came up with the idea of reusable Tri-Folds, I envisioned many of my peers using them for their learning centres that night. Therefore, the four weeks leading up to the May In-Depth night were scheduled for selling and building my product. At the time, there was no way I could’ve predicted where we are now and that the In-Depth night will be occurring 100% online. 

Small businesses around the world have been struggling to operate during this pandemic. Local shops have been forced to adapt and move online in order to survive. Social media, such as Instagram, is playing a significant role in promoting and selling products online. For example, Gabi and Jules in Port Moody has upgraded their website and increased their product line to include flour, eggs, butter, etc. Another example is Taps and Tacos restaurant who actively posts pictures and specials on Instagram. My original plan was to sell my product in person at Gleneagle, however I too am forced to adapt. 

Since my last In-Depth blog post, I have pursued Mr. Bingley’s advice on creating a brand with a name and a slogan. My business name is G.L.I.D.E, which stands for Gleneagle Learning In-Depth Enterprises. My new slogan is “Spread Your Wings and Tri…Fold”. I thought that I would take a humorous approach, to bring some laughter in these depressing times. 

For online In-Depth night, I plan to present my learning in the form of a commercial that will be posted both on my blog, as well as on a separate business related Instagram account. My commercial will feature my reusable Tri-Fold presentation board, and outline all of its key qualities, such as reducing students’ ecological footprint. I hope my commercial will highlight the main aspects of my project in a fun, exciting and engaging way. 

In my last email with my mentor, Mr. Bingley, he strongly urged me to create a social media account for my project and I’ve taken his advice very seriously. My next steps will be to design and film my commercial, and set up a social media account. Although In-Depth night will not be what I originally had envisioned, I hope to exchange thoughts and learning with everyone online. 



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  1. qmtk

    Your business name makes sense. I like the idea of a commercial for your product on in-depth night. Make sure you let people know how to place their order!

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