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Final In-Depth Blog Post: GLIDE Tri-Folds


Hi! I’m Derek. Thanks for joining me tonight. For my In-Depth project, I started my own business. The name of my business is G.L.I.D.E, Gleneagle Learning In-Depth Enterprise, and my product is a “Reusable Tri-Fold”. My mentor is Mr. Bingley, a business studies teacher at Gleneagle.

For tonight, I’ve prepared a short advertisement for my business:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did you choose Reusable Tri-Folds for your project?

In the future, I hope to study business and someday have my own business. I chose Reusable Tri-Folds for my product because I was looking to fill a need while being environmentally friendly.

What were the learning highlights of your project?

What were some difficulties during the duration of your project?

Obviously, COVID-19 was a massive event that challenged my overall project. While I was unable to build and sell my Tri-Folds, I still enjoyed the opportunity to experience what it would be like as an entrepreneur.

Thanks for joining me tonight! Please leave any questions or comments below! You can also follow me on Instagram @glide_tri_folds


In Depth Blog Post #6




  1. Indah

    Awesome video and ad Derek! It’s great how you learned a lot from the experience instead of just seeing it as an obstacle πŸ™‚

  2. Avery

    Your advertisement was really cool and the idea in general was quite interesting. The quarantine kinda sucked but you did manage to make the best out if it which is good πŸ™‚

    • Derek

      Humour is important in times of crisis (haha)

      Thanks Avery for the feedback πŸ™‚

  3. byorke

    Hi Derek,

    Your posts are a great window into your design-thinking journey. Your video shows that you are also agile – you were able to shift your focus for the final “product” of your project, and reflect on the lessons-learned and enduring value of Covid-time. Well done – I enjoyed visiting your site.

    • Derek

      Thanks so much for you kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed my video! Despite the setback of COVID, I still feel that I learned a lot.


  4. qmtk

    Have you sold any tri-folds, yet? Your overall business presence is inspiring and sells! What did you enjoy the most about how to set up a home-business? Why?

    • Derek

      Good Evening Ms. Mulder,

      Thanks for visiting my blog post!

      I put the sales aspect of my project on hold due to COVID, as I was unable to buy materials and set up an online store (the cost is prohibitive). If there is interest next fall, I may consider trying again.

      I really enjoyed building my prototype and my meetings with my mentor. My mentor shared many stories about his experience in the business world. This project challenged me to take risks and be creative with everything I do.


      • qmtk

        I meant if anyone tonight wanted one?

        • Derek

          Hi Ms. Mulder,

          If someone wants one, I guess I could take pre-orders for the fall?

          However it would have to be delivered at a later date once COVID-19 restrictions ease up.


  5. Joanna

    Hi Derek, your product advisement popped off!! Good job!

    • Derek

      Hey Joanna, thanks again for being a part of my video!

      I also think my advertisement popped off πŸ™‚

  6. Nathan

    Even through hardships, you absolutely made the best of it. I would 100% buy one of these!

    • Derek

      Good to hear that you would buy one!

      Maybe I should consider continuing GLIDE πŸ™‚

  7. Grace

    I loved your video Derek! Even though COVID prevented you from following your original plan, I still think that your product advertisement was amazing!

    • Derek

      Thanks Grace! I really appreciate that you took the time to be a part of my video!


  8. rochambers


    I think these are a great idea. What other products might you consider creating in the future?

    • Derek

      Hi Ms. Chambers,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      I am considering products for when we go back to school after COVID. One idea is a portable and reusable place mat/table cloth so that we can keep a safe space to eat.


  9. Colby

    So happy I could help you make something so cool!

  10. 125-khuang1

    Hey there, Derek!
    I really enjoyed the video you put together! It’s very unique and engaging.

    How were you inspired to choose starting your own business as your in-depth project/G.L.I.D.E. as your business? Are you planning on becoming an entrepreneur in the future? You definitely have the skills.

    Keep it up, buddy!

    • Derek

      Hi Kailey,

      Thanks for visiting my blog post tonight!

      In the future, I hope to study business and perhaps become an entrepreneur.

      I wanted to get a head start on learning some of the skills I’ll need and this project definitely gave me the opportunity.


  11. Mike

    Great job! I really enjoyed the video. Despite the difficult situation, you managed to persevere. Save me a tri-fold! πŸ™‚

  12. Mel

    your video was truly inspirational!

    also, where can i get one of those tri-folds?

    • Derek

      Thanks Mel!

      Follow me on Instagram to stay updated


      Derek πŸ™‚

  13. Simran

    Your project is so cool Derek! It’s great how you kept a positive mindset through all of the challenges. Well done.

  14. dsalisbury

  15. dsalisbury

    Nice Video Derek!!

  16. MyungJoon

    Nice job! Kinda unfortunate that you couldn’t do what you wanted to, but you still did a good job!

  17. Makenzie

    This is such a cool project with applications to your own life and future! What gave you the idea to make this product? Did you have this idea before or after closing your in-depth project? Great work!

    • Makenzie

      Sorry, *choosing your in-depth project

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