Over the course of this month, I’ve edited down my speech as much as I can, and realized that the shortest I can get my speech is 12 minutes, and that’s without adding proper pauses and pictures. I won’t be able to reach my goal of a ten minute speech, but I will try to keep it interesting and captivating. One realization I came to was that I can use my TV hooked up to my phone or laptop to present photos while I talk. I met with my mentor, and we went over good strategies to use while presenting either online or in real life, and she suggested that if I used zoom to present to a couple classmates that it would be the most comparable to presenting in real life.

Speech: Here

What kinds of learning opportunities does the mentor provide to expose you to new learning?

Teri has adapted very quickly to utilizing technology to enhance her presentation, so as well as donating her large amount of experience with public speaking she is helping me adapt my presentation to the new format that I’ll be using.

What kinds of learning opportunities exist to reinforce new learning?

Although the public part of my public speaking project won’t happen in the same way as planned, I’m still hoping to preform the speech over some kind of video conferencing software so I can maximize my learning in that area. I’m also going to be recording my speech and presenting it in front of my family, just to keep the person to person aspect alive.

What kinds of opportunities exist that might accelerate learning?

My grandparents drop by to talk and help with our shed project sometimes (obeying social distancing rules of course), so presenting it to them next time they come over might be good too. My biggest difficulty so far is getting over the nerves of talking, so once I get that down then it should be easier from there.

When you get together what do you talk about?

When we get together, we talk a casually a little bit, and then I ask any questions I might have about whatever part of my project I’m on.

What is going particularly well in your mentoring relationship right now?

I feel like we’re doing a good job at staying connected, even throughout the quarantine.

What are you learning about one another?

I’m learning a lot of wisdom from her that she’s acquired over the years, and little aspects of presenting digitally that she’s noticed, and I’ve taught her a little about the subject I’m speaking about through the process of her looking over my speech.