Good Evening Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your night so far, and Thank you for coming!

Welcome to my In-depth project of 2019-20. My name is Devon Brooks, and I chose to do public speaking! I chose public speaking mainly because, at the beginning of this project, I didn’t feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people. I viewed this as a big problem because of how much you’re required to talk in front of groups of people in day to day life. Although I still don’t feel super comfortable, my confidence has definitely improved, along with my ability to speak understandably and clearly. I owe a huge part of this confidence to my mentor,  Terry Towner, who taught me so many helpful tricks and techniques that helped me feel much more confident and improve my speaking in leaps and bounds. I learned about how to speak at a normal speed, how to vary my tone enough that it engages the audience but I still sound like a normal person, how to shift eye contact to strategic places around the room to keep interest from the most amount of people, and much more. Out of all these lessons, however, one I view as one of the most important lessons is the value of taking it slow. If you rush almost anything, be it public speaking, doing homework, or even talking to your friends, the more you rush through and press to get everything done quickly, paradoxically, the longer it will take. More speed equals more mistakes, and it takes even longer to fix those mistakes than it would if you’d just taken the time to do it right the first time.

I originally had planned to do one big speech, but since that doesn’t appear to be happening anymore, I’ve decided to record a small piece of my speech, and leave all the different tools I would’ve used, in order to keep the main spirit of my project. 

Power Point Presentation


This is a short clip of me presenting my speech, just to give some sort of sense of what it would’ve looked like.

I’ve got some pretty wacky facial expressions, just a warning.


Thanks for checking out my post! Please don’t feel shy to comment any questions, and enjoy the rest of your evening!