What are your thoughts on remote learning and your experience with it? What have you liked and disliked about(?) it?

I’ve had a pretty good experience with remote learning so far. I’ve liked the simplicity, but struggled with the clashing of my home relaxation mentality and the requirements of school work.

· How has technology benefited you during the remote learning experience?

Technology has single-handedly carried my remote learning experience. Without it I would not be able to receive assignments, research assignments, communicate effectively with peers and teachers, and keep up to date on current events.

· How has technology impeded you during the remote learning experience?

The only case of technology impeded my remote learning would be the internet providers periodically crashing the WiFi due to the never before seen internet requirements, but that subsided quite quickly. From that point on, any issues with internet has been solely due to the fact that the sometimes the router can’t take the strain of all four family members, each using 1-2 devices, using the same network at the same time.

· What is one core competency that you already were proficient with that helped you transition into remote learning? Provide one piece of evidence to support your answer.

I was already quite proficient at critical thinking before COVID-19, so it’s really come in handy with finding quick solutions to minor technological, social, or mental problems. In the case of social, I’ve made sure to call my friends outside of class to do productive working “blocks” just as a way to stay connected. In terms of tech problems, there were just some minor adjustments that had to be made to better suit my needs, and for mental blocks I make sure to balance my schedule with even breaks and play time with my brother who is also home.

· What is one core competency that you have improved or developed during your remote learning experience. Provide one piece of evidence to support your answer.

I could’ve improved upon my personal awareness. I had a short period of time where I was not finding good coping mechanisms for stress, and it took a while before I even noticed. However, after that point I have striven to better reflect on myself and take time out of my day to look inwards at how I’m feeling.