Practice Interview Reflection

Practice Interview Reflection
– Ellie Johnson

Having a chance to participate in practice interviews has given me a great opportunity to reflect on my previous skills. It allowed me to critique how in the past I have interviewed people. Interviewing was not taught throughout my middle school years, and I’ve only ever had a chance to practice being the interviewee. I appreciated the feedback I got from my evaluator. They caught things that I wouldn’t have seen, such as elaborating on my questions to get more detail from my interviewee. This feedback could help me in the future, especially in any future interviews I do to get the most out of it. I could use this feedback to strengthen my interviewing skills. I also thought that I could work on my introduction to improve my interviewees understanding of TALONS. There were times I felt that I could summarize a bit more on what TALONS is about to keep it brief. I tried to stretch out the introduction and head back to the feedback my evaluator gave me, the interview is meant to learn more about the interviewee. I struggled with understanding how my interviewee was answering my questions, I felt that I needed them to elaborate on their answers and give me more content. I struggled with asking follow-up questions because they wouldn’t go off course from their first answer. They would stick with their short answers from previous questions and not give me much to go off. Part of this confusion however was also because I didn’t have the interview knowledge to ask specific questions and left them with broader wide-open questions. This made it difficult for both of us to work as an interviewer and interviewees.

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