Interview reflection

Unfortunately, this year I was not able to obtain an eminent interview with anyone. I sent about three emails to different experts and received only one reply. The JGIC team sent me an email reply, stating “our team is busy at the moment and hard to get a zoom meeting with their approaching deadlines. Can you perhaps send an email with a list of your questions and we can respond via email!” To follow up I sent them a reply thanking them for getting back to me and sent them a document with the questions on it. I gave them about a week and a half before following up with a respectful reminder email, this is the point that I think I could have made the decision to find a different interviewee. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to make that choice and waited till three days before the deadline to send another reminder email. It was quite a struggle as well because they did reply confirming they could do the email interview and I had put too much confidence in the one interview. In the future, I would set deadlines for myself to make sure that I know when I need to seek out a different interviewee. I was very frustrated when they didn’t reply to my follow-up emails, but they did say that their deadlines were coming up so I should have originally confirmed that they guaranteed could have it done by the due date.

– Ellie Johnson

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