Talon Talk grade 9

Talon Talk Presentation

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8 thoughts on “Talon Talk grade 9

  1. Hi Ellie! I love how you gave us a look at the start into why you chose this as your topic. Your presentation was detailed, but still easy enough to follow. Do you think after this, you will expand your research into different foods and plants other than carrots? Which others might you be interested in? Thanks!

    1. What a great question! I definitely will go into more depth in my own time around other plants outside of my Talon Talk. As I mentioned in my intro to my Talk, I wanted to grow my own garden. although I am not as devoted as I was when I was eight, I definitely would like to research more about different plants to ensure a great garden. some may include lettuse, tomatoes and even rubarb.

  2. Hey Ellie! I loved your Talon Talk and how passionate you are about this topic. Your presentation was very clear, informative, and detailed. Just wondering, is there a way to grow carrots without fertilizer while keeping the carrots healthy?

    1. Thanks for watching my Talon Talk Jossie! To answer your question, yes, a carrot can grow perfectly healthy in the right conditions without fertilizer. It depends more on the conditions of the imvirement than having a fertilizer as a vitamin. The plans is more vonrible without fertilizer but still can grow perficly heathy.

  3. Nice Talon Talk Ellie, it was really well done. All of your information was clear, and it was nice how you added a bit of reasoning as to why you chose this inquiry question. You also incorporated a good amount of writing and visuals into your presentation.
    My question is, is there a general amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphate that plants usually need?

    1. Happy new year Sarah! thanks for commenting. To answer your question, yes and no. all of these ratios depend on the plant in specific, there is no general number that is very accurate. Though, it is usually the case that potassium has a higher ratio because it affects the overall cell strength of a plant.

  4. Hey Ellie! I loved your talk, it is great to know you have a personal connection to your topic too. Your visuals were very helpful and you voice was well-paced and clear. You elaborated well on your topic and went in-depth. I am wondering though, do you think that your ratio of the big three could also benefit other root vegetables like radishes or turnips?

    1. Happy new year Mandy! hope you had a great break. to answer your question, often root vedges work better because of the surface area around to absorb the fertilizer. This is a small part of why I chose carrots, there is a bigger chance that I can see distinctive differences between each test.

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