In-Depth #3

I and my mentor thought it is important to meet a minimum of once every two weeks. This will give me time to progress on my own and still have frequent meetings to learn new skills. Each online meeting is about two hours, half is spent learning the skills and the other is spent practicing and showing my “homework”. Jason, my mentor, though it would be a good idea to find additional times we could meet in person. He thinks that we could make a covid safe meet-up by going on a hike or meeting at a viewpoint with our materials. This would be great because of how you often use a reference in watercolor painting.


I’m really enjoying getting a chance to paint with Jason on calls because it’s an opportunity to ask questions as challenges appear. Though I do have these times set aside for any questions that do appear, I also most often communicate with Jason over text. This gives me a direct but not reagent way to contact Jason throughout the weeks.

Unfortunately, I have yet to have received my online order of waterproof pens, leading to a slower process of my painting. Though this is a bit of an inconvenience Jason and I have used it as an opportunity to practice different skills. It has been really great to have a questioning system and a way to have open discussions because it helps with communication.

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