Bertha Lambe Learning Centre

Welcome to my Learning Centre for Bertha Lame, the first female engineer.

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14 thoughts on “Bertha Lambe Learning Centre

  1. Hey Emilie, I really enjoyed reading your learning centre. It was an interesting formal to look at. I think making a virtual museum was so cool. It was easy to follow and look at. I’ve learned so much about Bertha Lambe while looking at your learning centre. One question I have for your eminent person is what do you think Bertha would do if she won the lottery? Good job on your project:)

  2. Hey, Emilie, you learning centre was really well done. The format you chose allowed you to add lots of images and creative elements that made it much more interesting. It was also really cool how you included so many interactive pieces, it was very engaging and provided valuable information.
    My question is, if Ms. Lamme was still alive today, how would she contribute to ideas about modern engineering?

  3. Creative and interactive learning centre. What was her greatest struggle as a female engineer when working in a male dominated field?

    1. Hey Ms.Mulder, thanks for the compliments! I think her greatest struggle was getting her ideas through to the people around her. Because of her gender especially at that time, it would have been really challenging to get to where she got to with most people not believing in her.

  4. Good day,
    This is a great presentation of Bertha Lambe.
    I like the presentation.
    Jolano bert,

  5. Excellent learning center! I very much enjoyed how you decided to present your information with this VR museum! My question is: There are some jokes talking about people in Lambe’s time expecting there to be flying cars in our time. For example:

    People in the 20th century: There will be flying cars in 2020!

    Do you think Bertha would be surprised or disappointed with the advancements made in that time? Of course, she would be surprised at inventions like the cell phone, but would she have expected more?
    – Kavyan

  6. Hi Emilie,

    Your learning centre was very engaging! Your use of the ArtSteps exhibit makes for a very unique and interactive experience, which I enjoyed. Additionally, you provided lots of details for each portion of the tour and clearly outlined Bertha Lamme’s life and eminence. My question is: As the first female engineer, what do you think Bertha Lamme would say to the positions women have access to today? Do you think she would’ve expected our society to have progressed further in terms of equality?


  7. Your learning centre was really nicely done. It was clear and the guided tour made things super easy. I liked how you included links and interactive images that provided more information on certain topics relating to Bertha.
    What do you think Bertha Lambe would do in this day and age, where women in engineering is more common? Do you think she would still be notable?

  8. Hello Emilie. Your learning center was interactive and engaging, and I enjoyed being able to move around and look at the images and information as if I was at a real museum! I also thought it was interesting how you included a comparison of Springfield now, and Springfield when Bertha Lamme grew up. One question I have is: If she were alive when Harry C. Oakes claimed her invention, the industrial drill bit, would she have fought for her invention?

    1. Hey Joshua, I would love to say she fought for her invention and based on what I know about her she may have. The only problem with this was as soon as Bertha got married and became a mother her career was put on hold meaning she most likely wouldn’t have gotten the chance to fight for her invention.

  9. Hi Emilie
    This was such a fun and interactive learning center. Great idea. Do you think that Bertha face many challenges being a female engineer?

  10. Hi Emilie,
    I noticed that she left her job when she got married, as many women have over the years. How do you think women’s equality has been affected by the need to balance motherhood?
    Mrs. Chambers

    1. Hey Ms. Chambers, I think it has been affected quite heavily because of people’s standpoints on the issue. In my opinion, women should be able to choose whether or not they would like children and parts of society don’t agree with that statement. In the past, the normality was for only the men to work and women would stay at home to raise their children; as for us, as society moves up and women get more rights it is seeming slightly easier as time progresses to balance work and home life with kids. I think once we as a society can get past women having some power over their life then we can make the world a better place.

  11. Great job Emilie! There are perhaps, few things more aggravating than having one’s ideas disregarded and stolen, especially as a women in the field of engineering! Berta must has had good control of her temper! What do you think she would say to young women entering this field and similar ones today? How would she recommend you approach your profession?

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