In-Depth #6

Thanks to the final bit of parts arriving over the past weeks my mentor and I have been able to get a start on building the hydroponic system. My goals for the next little bit include assembling all the parts including putting the lights in, starting growing the baby lettuce so it can start growing… More In-Depth #6

In-Depth #5

“Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead of consumers of computer science.” -Maria Klawe Over these last couple of weeks, I have worked on learning a bit more about my coding and how I’m going to control all of my different parts using the Arduino. We… More In-Depth #5

In-Depth #4

“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”- Janet Kilburn Phillips   My mentor and I have been working on the layout and figuring out what we need over the past couple of weeks. My next task is to keep working on the coding and start to apply it to what we want to do. I… More In-Depth #4

In-Depth #3

This time around was mainly doing research on what products we would be using and what would be best for the growth of the plant I wanted to grow hydroponically. Starting off, I needed to decide what plant I wanted to grow. This depended on both how I was planning on growing it and how… More In-Depth #3

In-Depth #2

Two weeks into my in-depth me and my mentor have been working on building up my knowledge of Arduino and the designing parts of my final project. We worked on 4 main concepts, Variables, Connecting a series circuit, Analog code, and binary numbers.   Variables: Just like in math, coding has variables you can use.… More In-Depth #2

In-Depth #1

“It’s a MacGyver’ hobby. You can buy prepacked packages, or you can get pieces and parts and tinker with them.”- Dan Lubkeman, President of the Hydroponics Society of America. My chosen skill: For my In-Depth this year I wanted to focus and learn more about Arduino and engineering. Arduino is an electronic-based coding and building system… More In-Depth #1