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Robert Capa – Works Cited 

Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. Robert Capa. Ed. Marco Sampaolo. 20 July 1998. 28 November 2019. <>. 

 This biography about Robert Capa is short and not exactly in-depth but is a good place to start your research. The biography roughly highlights Capa’s feats during his career and mentions his awards, and quite honestly isn’t anything special. But the source is authentic, and the information is correct; so it’s a great brief introduction to Robert Capa, which was the case for me. 

Capa, Robert. Robert Capa 1947 Radio Interview. with Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburg. NBC. 20 October 1947. Radio Interview. <>. 

During my research on Robert Capa, I used this audio recording of an old radio interview between Tex McCrary, Jinx Falkenburg and Robert Capa, to better understand Capa’s thoughts behind taking his photos. In the interview, Capa explains how he took his most famous photo, “Death of a loyalist soldier,” stating “I put my camera above my head” and “[I] clicked a picture” of the Republican soldiers advancing from my trench. This radio interview also had Capa comment on his photo “The last man killed in the war, as well as other useful information which helped me better understand Robert Capa, and his journeys through war. 

Coleman, A. D. Debunking the Myths of Robert Capa on D-Day. 16 February 2019. Article. 28 November 2019. <>. 

This article, written by A. D. Coleman is his summary of years of research looking into Robert Capa’s time on June 6th, 1944, during D-day. This article has lots of great evidence on what Capa actually did during D-Day, from landing on the beach to arriving back in England. Since Life Magazine’s memoirs on Robert Capa’s time during D-Day weren’t all that accurate, this article helps bring Robert Capa down to Earth from the superhero-esque persona Life pushed through their narratives. This article also helped me understand, that I had to take everything coming straight from Robert Capa, Life, or Capa’s books with a grain of salt, as it wasn’t all that accurate. One downside to this site is the information may have a researcher’s bias, as the author himself states that he spent years researching; which may mean that he was tunnelled into only proving the point he believed. 

International Photography Hall of Fame. Robert Capa. 11 August 2016. Website. 1 December 2019. <>. 

International Photography Hall of Fame’s biography on Robert Capa contains a brief outline of Robert Capa’s life ranging from his Birth to his 1954 death in Vietnam. One downside of this source is that it is somewhat overdramatized in some areas. Despite this, it contains lots of useful information on Robert Capa’s life, particularly highlighting his childhood. Because of a rather limited array of info about Capa’s childhood, this source proved vital in my research. Additionally, this source is useful in the way that it helps check information acquired from other sites for authenticity, as the site is created by a museum of photography. 

Magnum Photos. Robert Capa. 25 April 2016. Website. 1 December 2019. <>. 

 (Magnum Photos) (International Photography Hall of Fame) 

 Magnum Photo’s web page on Robert Capa is the quintessential site when researching Robert Capa. It contains a short, but informative outline of Robert Capa’s life and achievements which was rather useful in my research. But, the most useful aspect of the, is the vast archive of Robert Capa’s work throughout his life, with each photo containing a short description. This helped me better match Capa’s photos with historical events. This source was also helpful during the creation of my learning center, as I found the photos in which I needed for my center on their online database. 


  Other Sources:

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