In-Depth Night: Filmmaking

Hello everyone, and welcome to my In-Depth Night Presentation. My name is Evan, and I am a Grade 10 Student at Gleneagle.

This year, I decided to pursue filmmaking for my In-Depth Project. This is because I have always loved movies, making videos, video editing, and photography, so I felt filmmaking was a natural progression from my past endeavours. In specific, I explored the more technical parts of filmmaking, studying cinematography, colour grading, and editing.

To share what I have learned over the last few months, I decided to create a short film around my house. While it is not any masterpiece, I improved massively on my filmmaking skills through the process of creating it, so I am excited to share it today.

Quickly before though, I would like to thank my mentor, Kevin for his help throughout this project, and my sister for acting in the short film on short notice, without any prior experience.

So without any further delay, here is my short film :

(contains ‘scary’ themes and sound effects, so viewer discretion is advised.)


Thank you all for visiting my In-Depth presentation.


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  1. Wow. Your progress these past five months has been noted. You accomplished your goals. What was the most fun part of this project?

    1. Thanks for the feedback! The most fun part of the project was probably creating all the short films throughout the In-Depth period. I really enjoyed doing so, and it was always a lot of fun filming different styles of videos.

    1. Great question Masa! While there are obvious differences, there are plenty of overlapping skills between filmmaking and photography. In essence, a video is simply multiple photos displayed after each other (in my case 24 in a second.) This means that a lot of the compositional and technical aspects are the same. One major example is that both require the understanding of light and use the exposure pyramid (aperture, shutter speed, iso).

  2. Very cool actor! So much talent!

    Great job Evan, super proud of your work over the last few months

  3. Wow! This really looks like the start of a movie. I had no clue you were doing all this. Great blend of audio and visual components. Would you say editing is the most time-consuming part?

    1. Thanks, Colby! It’s hard to gauge if editing was the most time-consuming part because I filmed and edited concurrently. However, it did take a while!

  4. Wowzers! This is super. Tell your sister the acting is insane! I really like the different shots you took. If could change anything about your project would you? If so, what would you change?

    1. Thanks, Ben! If I could change anything, I would refilm some scenes so when I cut between the shots, there is more continuity and it is less jarring.

  5. I loved the way you had the watcher/ actor second guessing themselves! Dream or reality? How did you create this tension?

    1. I think the uncertainty the viewer faces originated mostly from the plot. However, the shot selection of the open shed and the sound effects also added to the uncertainty and dream-like feel.

  6. Evan, your filming was stunning! I really enjoyed watching the video – it looks super professional! Definitely excited to see what photography/filming you do next!

  7. Wow! Very cool. Good job Evan! The short fils looks very professional, but I got too scared to finish watching the video… 🙂

  8. Nice Evan! Did you record the audio yourself? It’s super crisp! so….. is Caitlin a werewolf in london?

    1. Almost all of the audio was added later during the editing process. I recorded some of the audio separately, and then added it in, but most of it came from online resources.

  9. Eep…so creepy…I was completely drawn in…beautiful development of mood…I appreciated how you lulled us into the comfort of a sunny morning and then turned up the tension…powerful storytelling…awesome! Your sister was a gem too!

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