CLE Interview Assignment

CLE Interview For my CLE interview, I interviewed Dr. Davison, an emergency room physician at Eagle Ridge Hospital. I was always interested in science and helping people, which led me to explore the field of medicine through the eyes of someone who is already an expert in the field. Before Dr. Davison started working at […]

Final In-depth Post

Final In-depth Post   Welcome to my final in-depth post! My chosen in-depth topic is piano with a touch of music production. My presentation will guide you through my last 16 weeks of learning, practicing and performing. Now sit back, relax, and watch the video down below 🙂 I recommend changing the youtube setting to […]

In-depth Post #6

In-depth Post #6 Hello Everyone! This is my final progress report. For the last two weeks, I have been learning about the basics of music production. Although I stated that I would be also learning musical theory with piano to help better my understanding of the musical components of a piano, after hearing my motives for […]

In-depth Post #5

In-depth Post #5 Greetings! This is Grace Lee’s fifth in-depth progress report.  Unfortunately, I faced some technical issues uploading my progress report on time. I am still not completely sure about what happened, but the post that I thought I had uploaded was not there and only the title was available on my website. This […]

In-depth Post #4

 In-depth post #4 Hello everyone! This is my fourth in-depth progress report for weeks six and seven. Since my last blog post, I am happy to say that the scheduling challenges with meeting times have been fixed. If you have not read my previous blog posts, I have struggled to meet with my mentor at […]

In-depth Post #3

In-depth post #3 Dear readers of my in-depth blog post, For the past two weeks, my mentor and I have only gotten the chance to meet once along with another short call to clarify some questions and further meeting times. This is an ongoing struggle that has continued since the last blog post. My mentor […]

In-depth Post #2

In-depth Blog Post #2 Welcome back to my in-depth blog post!  Since my previous blog post, I was sadly not able to gain as much progress as I expected. I called my mentor, Tiffany Su, and talked about scheduling specific meeting times and the next steps. There were a few challenges in setting a specific […]

In-depth Post #1

Welcome to the start of the journey of my chosen in-depth topic, piano.    Why did I choose this field of interest as my in-depth project? I believe that the piano is a beautiful classic instrument and I dearly admired people that are able to play the piano. I have a keyboard that I was […]