17 thoughts on “Eminent Learning Center – Na Hye Seok

  1. Thanks for fighting for women’s right? Why were you so determined and never gave up? Thanks for trying to make a difference despite all the hardships you endured.

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my efforts in changing the misogynistic ideals in South Korea. I was determined to prove that I was right because I could not handle how blind people were, not seeing the unequal treatment women were getting. The ridiculous injustice in that society would only be revealed if someone went against the grain, showing them what women are capable of doing. I did anything I could to prove that we, a woman, can be successful too.

  2. Super cool project! The learning centre/website looks amazing. What a fantastic eminent choice!

    1. For me, in the early 20th century, especially in my home country of South Korea, the entire concept of feminism was just being born. Now, we are building on and refining the rights that women have already fought for. However, we still have a lot to fight for. We, both men and women, have to be able to visualize the discrimination of women in society and not just consider it to be the norm.

    2. There are many issues that still remain that feminism is tasked to solve. There is still inequality of rights that remain in certain countries, such as South Korea. I personally think that violence against women is one of the biggest issues that needs to disappear. Nevertheless, seeing the recent #MeToo and the #TimesUp movements show that my contributions did not go to waste. This being said, your contributions will also be an addition to a voice that needs to be heard by everyone.

  3. I loved the aesthetics and layout of your website! Na Hye Seok, thank you so much for going against the grain and becoming a pioneer in the feminism movement!

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