In-Depth Post #6

Final in-depth post! Needless to say, my project has changed a lot since the beginning. Originally my goal was to sew a dress that I could wear but due to the circumstances, it had to be changed. From there I had to decide what was the best do-able option left and that lead me to […]

Ecological Footprint

For our science 9 class, we were asked to fill out a form to figure out how large our environmental footprints are, then create a plan to reduce this footprint.   The Plan: After evaluating my everyday actions I found out my environmental footprint was 10.6 meaning my footprint takes up 10.6 hectares. I scored […]

Hicks Lake

Hicks Lake   Hicks Lake was our first (and so far only due to corona) TALONS trip. We literally started planning the trip on the first day of school. We had only met our classmates once during our June orientation and we had to start planning a camping trip right away. We split into different […]

Parts of the Cell Presentation

Parts of the cell presentation Microtubule Script The parts of the cell presentation was a collaborative project the class worked to complete as a whole. We all chose a part of the cell we wanted to do a short two slide presentation on. I got the microtubules. We were all given access to the online […]


Eminent   Eminent is an independent research project where we pick someone who is eminent who made an impact in the world. Usually you pick a person who has made an impact in a field that interests you. I am interested in photography so I chose Eliot Porter and American photographer known for his nature […]

PTI Presentations

PTI Presentations   While our class was studying Part Time Indian we were assigned a project where we had to study one of the issues present in the novel that first nations peoples are facing in the world today. We were assigned groups and we had to present a PowerPoint about our topic to […]

English Vignettes

  MND Vignettes While studying a Midsummer Night’s Dream in our English class we had to choose a scene from the play to present in front of the class. We chose our groups and our scenes than we had to decide what we wanted to do to the scene. We could either keep the scene […]

In-Depth Post #5

Since the last update, I have been able to be more productive. I still haven’t been able to get the correct supplies to finish my dress so to continue working on some sort of sewing I have switched directions to start working on hand sewing. While it is my intension to return back to sewing […]

In-Depth Post #4

Since the last post, my project has come to a halt. Since currently we are not allowed to meet up with anyone outside of our households, I haven’t been able to meet up with my mentor or my nana. My nana has the pattern and mock-up dress at her house I can’t continue working on […]