My Eminent Project – DL Semester 1 Reflection

My 2019 Eminent project consisted of a 4 – 5 minute speech on an eminent person of my choice, and a learning centre about that person to present on Night of the Notables. We worked on this project for around 2 months and everyone in the TALONS program had to choose a different eminent person. When we started the project, I used my independent work habits to complete research, planning, and constructing all on my own. I was able to bring my creative input and descriptive writing skills into my speech and learning centre. I also used organization skills to set deadlines for myself and plan out my speech structure and learning centre layout. However, some challenges I faced were memorizing my speech and confidently delivering it in front of my peers. I spent a lot of time practicing to ensure that I was prepared for the speech day. Finding good resources and certain information on my eminent person was also difficult at times, but I used what I could find and included the most important points. In the end, I am very proud of my eminent project and all the elements came together perfectly.

Eminent Speech.docx