Remote Learning- Reflection

Honestly i like the idea of remote learning but i like being in school way more mainly because i really enjoy seeing my friends everyday and i like being in my classes so i can talk to my teachers bout my work. Since its started my grades have dropped a lot but now i think I’ve gotten my self back up to regular. One thing i do really like about online school is waking up later because i think its made me more active in the morning. i do stay up late so it could just be that. Another thing that i haven’t really liked is that i haven’t had a lot of motivation to do my work which could be the reason as to why my grades dropped. school has been easier but i think teachers have kind of over estimated students because it is true that all quiz’s and tests are open book and assignments are usually pretty easy but teachers have been putting out a lot of assignments. Now that i think about it we did miss two months so that does make sense but i’m not going to delete what i wrote because it takes to long. Technology has impeded me a little because I’ve never really been good with computers but I’ve gotten better for sure. communication has helped a lot because i have texted my friends and talked to teachers about school. i developed creative thinking in a few ways one being that i have had to use new ways to get assignments done. Before quarantine i did not use teams super often but now i know it like the back of my hand. i have also had to get creative with assignments like in math class we had to make a survey but since we cant go out and survey people i used forms and sent it to my math class. In conclusion i’m not the biggest fan of online school and i would really like to come back.

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