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Talon Talk

Talon Talk on bacteria and light.

John Maxwell Response

“Be better tomorrow than you are today” (Maxwell, 2006). This quote means that you should try to improve yourself from day to day. I chose it because it basically embodies many of my goals in life. I make a lot of mistakes, and my goal is to turn it from a negative into a positive…

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Learning Centre: Chester Bennington

Learning Centre for my Eminent Person, Chester Bennington. Presented through Artsteps, a museum-like program. All text and images are clickable and most information is in the interactive text. Please use fullscreen mode. Comments and questions should be posted on the blog rather than the museum chat.

Practice Interview Reflection

The interviews went fairly well. There was little practice involved before the interview, though this interview is meant to be the practice, as well as the less serious nature lessens the need for preparation. This did, however, impact my performance and could be improved in the future.  I think the feedback I received accurately reflected what I thought were my…

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Blog Review Reflection

Reading the blog posts on others’ eminent persons gave me a greater insight into their choices of people and showed me some less commonly-known figures that still carry importance. I learned more about the people they chose and my classmates’ values.  I think most of the people in my group are strong writers and have researched their eminent person to a…

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Eminent Person – Chester Bennington

“Perhaps more than Linkin Park’s influential sound, Bennington’s real artistic legacy will be the message he put across – the reassurance he offered from the dark.” – Mikael Wood, LA Times.   Chester Bennington was a man with a strong will and a kind heart. Throughout his tragically short life, he suffered extensively but still managed to…

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Digital Footprint Assignment

1. How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples. If you posted a video of you doing something that might not be very respectful to a particular group, you can catch heat for it later. Example: Trudeau’s questionable makeup. Saying something about a person who might be intertwined in…

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