In-Depth Post 3

This is the 3rd blog post of my 2022 In-Depth project.

Answering some of the provided questions:
Some of the things that go well during my mentor meetings include the usage of time and constructing programs. During each meeting, we go through the example programs for the chapter, and I think this is where more learning happens that just reading the textbook. While the textbook gives an on-paper description of the new function or whatever I am learning, seeing it implemented and used in a program is really what helps me learn the function. For example, when I was trying to learn the map function, the book’s description didn’t really make sense. It said how it basically joined two objects together and I couldn’t understand how that was different from the join function. But then I looked at the code and saw how it was used, and it just clicked for me.

Relationship challenges are not really there. The meetings generally go smoothly and I think I have respect for my mentor while he ensures that I am learning well. We usually communicate effectively and ensure that both parties are aware of any important information. Sometimes, when I have not read a section of the textbook that I was supposed to, I notify my mentor to ensure that we do not waste time on material that I do not understand. My mentor regularly pauses and asks me for understanding to make sure I am on the same page.

One learning challenge I encountered was that it was difficult for my mentor to properly express certain information that he is trying to relay. Some subjects were a little deeper than the textbook covered, like how a program interacts with the computer, and it was difficult for my mentor to explain it to me and required the use of a visual diagram. This might be because of the difference in experience.


Currently I am on chapter 10 of the textbook which has a total of 16 chapters, and am going through chapters at a rate of around 2 weeks per chapter. The last few chapters are not as important because they are very advanced, so I should start working on a final project in the next few months. Currently I am learning about some exciting uses for classes.

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