In-depth 2021 Final

Good evening everyone! Welcome to In-depth Night!

This year, I focused on digital art for my project. If you go here, I have some comments on my work that you can read about. Or you can simply scroll through that same page and take a quick look at some of the work I’ve been doing.

Unfortunately, I have another mandatory commitment tonight, so I will be unable to answer questions live. Still, feel free to leave a comment for me later, and I can definitely look at any questions you may have to respond to them at another time.

Thanks so much for participating, and enjoy the rest of In-depth Night!


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20 Replies to “In-depth 2021 Final”

  1. Thanks Lara! I really appreciate the humility and clear growth here. You put yourself to the edge of your unknowing and leaned in. The progression from ladybug onward is impressive! Well done!

  2. Woah Lara! These look so awesome! I’m glad you were able to get more comfortable with art in general, it proves to be a useful skill and hobby. Now am I allowed to mail my shoes to your house to get a detailed drawing like how you showcased?

  3. Nice work Lara! I appreciate the Dwight piece…. he is a real specimen of humanity and you captured his likeness to perfection. Really cool stuff!

  4. Stunning! The art pieces are amazing. At that beginning you said you struggled with drawing your own styles, but you were totally able to overcome this and draw things unique to you. My favourite is the ladybug, just kidding I like the car the most. The names of the drawings are great! Just out of curiosity, how long does it roughly take to make one drawing?

    • Thank you 🙂
      It probably took me around 1-2 hours to do one drawing (but I actually have no idea). Time definitely got away from me there a couple times because I was just so absorbed in the work.

  5. Lara – this is tremendous. What a gift you give yourself in establishing a healthy objective for this project. It is clearly important to you to follow the processes to learn more about digital art, and yourself. However, you set yourself up for success by choosing to not become ‘the greatest ever’. I’m quite in awe of your skills… Dwight is AMAZING!!!!! I wish for you that this continues to be an area of enjoyment and creative happiness. 🙂

  6. Lara you are so so so talented and telligent I don’t know how you are this amazing!! My favourite though is still the goat haha! 🙂 But “Someplace that isn’t here” is a very very close second! So credible!

  7. These are really good Lara! I really like the car one. Is digital art something you would like to continue doing?

  8. Excellent drawing of Dwight! Going forward, do you think you will continue drawing people or characters?

    • Thank you!
      People and characters aren’t usually my favourite pieces to draw, but that is probably due to my lack of practice in the area. I’m sure if I set out to explore that area specifically, I could find it really interesting.

  9. Looks amazing, Lara! Personally, I can’t even figure out how to open a digital art site, not to mention draw with it! Your art pieces are so freaking impressive and your progress is remarkable <3 Which was your favourite piece to draw?

    • Thank you! That means a lot 🙂
      I think my favourite piece to draw would have to be the Camaro, but I actually really enjoyed them all. The process was good for stress-relief.

  10. Seeing your progress was really cool! I bet if you continued your progress you could get some even more amazing pieces 🙂

  11. Lara, I love your art, especially the car and the shoes! Even though your first project was already amazing, I can really see your improvement and learning through the process!!

  12. Great progression of skill. What was most challenging for you doing art digitally? Will you continue to develop this skill further? Why or why not?

    • Hi Ms. Mulder! I think the most challenging part of all this was trusting in myself and my instincts. I definitely overcame this over time, though, in order to become more confident in my skills. I would really love to continue pulling digital art out of my toolbox for future projects or experiences. I’m glad I now have this level of knowledge on the topic, because it may prove useful or interesting later on.

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