In-Depth Night

Hello. My name is Lucas. I am a 1st year TALONS student.

This year, I chose to learn acrylic painting for my In-Depth project. I chose to learn to paint because I wanted to be a better artist. I could never draw, or paint and I wanted to be able to. It also seemed like a fairly basic skill. I had watched enough Bob Ross videos to know how simple painting could be. But let me tell you, he makes it look a lot easier than it really is.


I had expected painting to be a fairly easy skill and depending on what you paint it can be. But I was actively challenged to make new and more complex paintings. Overall, I had a lot of fun learning to paint and I would encourage you to as well. It makes a great hobby and I plan to keep painting even after the end of In-Depth.

I have compiled all of my paintings into a “virtual art gallery”. I hope you enjoy my art!

In-Depth Night.pptx

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  1. qmtk at |

    Thanks for sharing your paintings with us. Which one did you enjoy painting the most and why? What painting is next?

  2. Justin at |

    Hey Lucas, the Final painting and the paintings of the birds are very good! Which of the paintings was the most fun to make?

  3. cquach at |

    Thank you, Lucas! What an ambitious project you embarked upon. I am really impressed with the variety of styles and genres you explored: portraiture, landscapes, abstract. I think your Vickers inspired painting is stunning…gorgeous bold colours. The Buntzen Lake landscape shows a maturing and subtlety to your style. Of all the genres you tried, which one did you connect with the most and why? Do you now have a whole new respect for Bob Ross? Thank you!

  4. Benjamin at |

    Nice paintings! I really liked the “glowing” paintings you did, including the climber. I also liked your final portrait and the sailboat painting. You can see an obvious increase in quality through your paintings, but all of them are amazing looking. Awesome persistence on that 8-hour one!

  5. Justin at |

    I really loved the painting showcased here and also the Buntzen lake painting! Everything was very vibrant and caught my eye. Great work Lucas! 🎨

  6. Clara at |

    Hi Lucas, I really like the virtual gallery idea. I think my favourite was the silhouette paintings. Are there any other kinds of painting that you still want to try?

  7. Xylia at |

    Hi Lucas,

    Your paintings are awesome!! I loved the glowy ones and the lakes especially. Everything looks so realistic and the colours work so well together! It’s obvious you put tons of effort in. Very very cool!


  8. Yi at |

    I did not realize the contemporary Bob-Ross was in the same class as me. The colours chosen formed a balance between each other and contrasted very well, they formed a very interesting mixture of emotions. I also would like to spotlight how you shown your diverse medias, subjects, as well as shown your growth in your presentation. Where do you see this skill potentially helping you in the future, and why did you decide to pursue this project?
    – Hanson

  9. Makenna at |

    Hi Lucas,

    The virtual gallery you put together looks amazing! I really like your landscape paintings, they were very well done. The effort you put into your final painting definitely shows. Which of your paintings in your virtual gallery is your favourite and why is it your favourite?

  10. Kalayla at |

    Hey Lucas!
    I can really see your progress in the sample paintings you showed and I think the colours that you used really brought your paintings together. Your portrait painting looks amazing! The way you painted the shadows and the facial features is top tier.
    Which painting did you find to be the most difficult?

  11. Adrian at |

    Good job, Lucas! You clearly improved a lot over the 5 months. I also noticed that you changed the style of art a lot, was this difficult getting used to or is it all the same kind of thing?

  12. 125-mbettauer at |

    All your paintings look incredible! You put so much effort into each and it’s very easy to tell. Amazing In-Depth project!

  13. Bana at |

    Wowza Lucas, you are an incredible painter! You have a unique and visually interesting style and I’m blown away by the sheer amount of amazing paintings you’ve made, you must have worked on this project a lot! What was your favourite part of the painting process?

    1. Bana at |

      ps thank you for including the link back to your blog on your presentation, that was pretty awesome!

  14. rochambers at |


    I was wondering how you felt about painting? Did you find it relaxing, stressful, or?

    Mrs. Chambers

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