In-Depth Post #6

Progress Report

I have started brainstorming ideas for my short story. My mentor suggested that I should write a story in a similar format to traditional Punjabi fables, which usually have moral and animal characters. By writing a fable, I will be representing elements of Punjabi culture in my story, and it will be easier to present on stage as they are usually simple. I now have more frequent mentor meetings to prepare for my presentation as speaking Punjabi on stage is a daunting task requiring significant practice.

My goals for my presentation are to begin with an introduction where I can showcase the conversational elements I have learned and then present my short story with emotion and voices for the characters to make it exciting and bring the characters to life.

In-Depth Presentation

For my In-Depth night presentation, I will be presenting a short story in Punjabi on stage. My story will be relatively straightforward, as speaking clearly in Punjabi on stage will take a great deal of practice and preparation. My story will follow a similar format to many Punjabi fables with a moral. My story moral will be, “no one is useless,” because, throughout my In-Depth project, I discovered that I could overcome any obstacle with some effort, guidance, and motivation. Using a short story as my final presentation summarizes many of the skills I learned throughout this project, including writing and grammar, which will be displayed in the writing of my story, and speaking and confidence, which will be displayed on stage. I will also include some conversational elements in my presentation by doing sections of my introduction in Punjabi and translating those sections into English. The audience will follow along as I read my short story by looking at the projector screen, which will have each line of my story written in Punjabi with an English translation beneath it. After each line, I will also say the English translation to ensure it is easy for the audience to follow along.

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