In-Depth Post No. 4 2021

Progress so far

In my last meeting with Murray we went over my bubble diagram, discussed any possible changes, and how the components of the house (plumbing electricity, structure, heights) would fit together.

Additionally, I ‘squared out’ my bubble diagram into a format much more akin to your typical architectural plan drawing.


How to have a beautiful mind

What new information are you getting and what questions did you ask to probe further into the topic?

I’m currently exploring green building for my house design. Green Building: green building refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. 

Discuss any new points of view you developed while in conversation with your mentor.

I discovered just how many different techniques can be used in the construction and maintenance of green buildings (I was not previously aware of how simple being environmentally friendly buildings could be). My visual image of what a green building looks like was somewhat shattered as well. Not every green building has trees growing out of the roof, and many can appear quite ‘industrial’ whilst still conserving nature.

What were some of the alternative perceptions that are new to you.

As mentioned above, I was pleasantly surprised at the countless green building designs there are in the world. Green buildings don’t have to compromise on functionality nor appearance. But in the end they do decrease our carbon footprint, which is no small matter.

How do your mentor values differ from yours?

In a purely architectural sense, Murray prefers the technical aspects of architecture, whilst I’m more attracted to the artistic and design areas of architecture. This isn’t a major bridge however since he appreciates architectural aesthetics and I am fascinated too in the ‘art’ of logistics.

What questions did you ask to check on facts and details? 

I asked if there were any architects or architect affiliations that I could look into for further reading/knowledge. He recommended Peter Busby (sustainable building expert), James Km Cheng (local architect), and the LEED Manual for further insights into green building.

Ask questions. Record them. Why did you ask these questions?

How can I incorporate aspects of green building into my design of a house? ( Murray and I both love green buildings, so incorporating some green characteristics into my house is an important ingredient to my design).

How can I improve my current baseline drawing of my house? (Feedback is always helpful, and I knew for a fact that my design wasn’t as good as it could be, it being my first attempt, I still have a ways to go).

Ask for an explanation for a certain skill you are learning. Discuss what happened.

I asked him how I could take my plan drawing and turn it into a architectural rendering. He described one technique that involves visually placing yourself as a spectator somewhere around your design. Then, from that point, you draw straight lines through every corner/notable feature to the end of the page, making notes as to where the lines end up. Then, you do the same thing vertically, with a side plan, ‘projecting’ the lines onto a vertical plane. Finally, you take the marks you’ve made on the horizontal and vertical planes, and bring them together to form an outline of your rendering.

Ask a multiple choice question. 

I asked him what method of structural support would work best for my design. beams, wall studs, pillars, or something else?

Was this useful? Explain

Yes. This question opened up a whole range of dialogue on structural supports, and a comprehensible list of pros and cons for each. Finally, a comparable discussion on which of the mentioned supports would work.

Ask the speaker to clarify his underlying values for doing, thinking and feeling the way they do

When he was a child, his mother brought architecture books home from the library which she worked at. And ever since then Murray’s lure to architecture has been concrete.


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