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Myung Joon

  • One of the things I really like to do is play video games. These include games like, Mario Maker 2, osu, moonlighter, and more.
  • Another thing I like to do is sleep. Since I don’t usually get too much sleep, a nap once in a while helps me to regain my energy and be more productive.
  • I also enjoy solving sudoku puzzles. They are great for killing extra time and I get a nice sense of accomplishment once I finish each sudoku puzzle.


This website is the website that I use to read manga. Since I really enjoy reading manga, I spend quite a bit of time on this site.


This is a site where you’re able to have pokemon battles with other people from around the world. I’ve also spent some time on this site as well battling against my friends. We’ve had a lot of memories that vary from funny ones, salty ones, and just plain exciting ones.

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This is a logo from one of my all time favourite animes. It is the hero academy logo from My Hero Academia. I also use this logo as my profile pictures for my gmail, instagram, and some more accounts.


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This is the logo for one of my favourite games to play. The game is called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and I often like to play against my friends to compete and to see who’s better at the game.





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