Annotated Bibliography

(Lloyd-Jones) (Smaczeny) (Supka and Hughes) (Boyd) (Beveridge) (Doge) (The Dvorak Society) (Huntington) (Archer and Quinell) (Unknown)

Works Cited

Archer and Quinell. “Composer of the Month: Antonin Dvorak.” BBC Music Magazine (1995): 37/38. Text and Pictures. November 2019.

This source helped in many ways both for my research and my learning center. I received lots of interesting information that matched with information from other sources and improved on it.  I also really enjoyed the pictures that went along with the text, so much so that I used one on my learning center. I looked at this source early on in researching and used it as a reference to base, to check credibility of most of the rest of my research form that point on.


Beveridge, David. Antonin Dvorak: His life, his music, his memory. n.d. Web Site. November 2019. < >.

This site helped me but only for certain parts of my speech. As the name suggests, this site helps with Dvorak’s involvment in America, but not really anything else, though. It has an overview of his life, complete with helpful links to certain works he made at the time. I used this info to help formulate my speech and not very much on my poster.


Boyd, Laney. Dvorak and Brahms. 2018. Web Site. November 2019. < >.


Doge, Klaus. Dvorak, Antonin (Leopold). 20 January 2001. Web Site. November 2019. < >.


Huntington, Robert. Antonin Dvorak: Biography, Music & Facts. n.d. Web Site. November 2019. < >.


Lloyd-Jones, David. Antonin Dvorak. 5 November 2019. Web Site. 4 November 2019. < >.

This source was slightly less useful but still good. It still has lots of credible information, but they are slightly more boring and harder to read.  I used this site to help me in organizing my information when placing it into my speech and board.


Smaczeny, Jan. Antonin Dvorak. 14 April 2018. Web Site. November 2019. < >.


Supka, Ondrej and Karolina Hughes. Life. Febuary 2010/2013. Web Site. November 2019. < >.

This was one of the best sources I found. It gave detailed information on his life, lists of his works, recordings of them, and a bibliography of other sources to check out.  It has some of the best info I’ve seen, providing in- depth yet short paragraphs on multiple parts of his life.  I also used a few of the pictures on my poster board, they had lots of character and I really liked them.


The Dvorak Society. n.d. Search Engine. November 2019. < >.

This website was not so much information itself but a search engine that I used to filter out some good sources from the bad ones.  At least a few of these other sources I found searching on this site. Including the Wikipedia article on him I chose not to include.


Unknown. Antonin Dvorak. 26 December 2017. Web Site. November 2019. <>.





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