In-Depth #6, tying it together?


Hello to anyone who is still reading these posts. I don’t know why you are, they’re not very interesting, but here I go anyway.  I have fallen into a good rhythm of making music, looking at more videos for inspiration, and meeting my mentor if I have any questions. I have tried to continue with some projects I had before but I have found doing Lo-Fi well is quite challenging. There are so many aspects that need to be tweaked in order to get the exact sound that you want. I have learned about very basic mixing and mastering of songs. This means things like sidechaining and EQing, which I may go into more depth about in my final post. In general, things are going well, and I’ve learned almost everything I need to. However, learning something and being able to replicate and be good at it is way different.

I also learned the importance of a good bass. I still haven’t quite figured this one out, but I hope I will eventually.


I am still only vaguely sure of what my final post will look like. However, I will be sure to include links to some of my current works, and maybe a few works in progress too. I’ll try to explain the steps to doing music-making and especially Lo-Fi in particular well. And maybe something else that I will figure out closer to the date. This new way of presenting still has me a bit shaken so some more time to work out things is what I need right now.


All of my interactions with my mentor have been great. Any time we met since last I posted was helpful, chill, and fun. I still have a lot to learn from my mentor, but he is teaching me to the best of his ability. I have found that the art of online music-making is less about learning from someone, and more of something that you just learn over time. To be fair, it’s hard to teach how to do something when each person has there own twist to put on it. No two people will make music the same. Even though making songs takes time to experiment and learn on your own, Jack has done an amazing job both guiding and critiquing my progress. I hope to have a mentor like him next year as well.

Thank you for reading, if indeed you still are. You are all dismissed. Tune in soon for my final post; it should be good, hopefully.

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