In-Depth Introduction post, #1


Hello all! Thank you all for coming, and I hope at least some of you will stay with me to see this project to completion. Now, I know you’re all dying to know what I’ve chosen this year as my topic. Now in a bit of stark contrast to my topic last year, this year I have chosen the topic of crocheting as the thing I’ll be focusing on.

Now that I’ve answered the what let’s get to the other big 4 W’s:

Q: Why did you decide on crocheting?

A: Right now I am doing another project involving knitting and crocheting scarves, hats, etc. to donate to charity. I initially chose crocheting between my two choices. Soon after In-Depth started up again. I thought, hey why not kill two birds with one stone and put all my effort into crocheting. The better, faster, and more fun I can make crocheting, the better it’ll be for everyone involved!

Q: When and what are you going to be crocheting?

A: I will be learning the intricacies of crocheting over the course of this In-Depth project completing a variety of smaller projects along the way. Some of these will be for charity as I said before, but some of them I will be making for myself to hone my skills and make cute little toys.

Q: How are you going to learning crocheting?

A: With the help of my mentor, my grandmother Joan, I will be learning the associated skills with the projects I will need to complete and maybe a few others thrown in there for spice. Though it’s been a few years I sure my grandma will have more than enough know-how to show me the skills I need. If worst comes to worst, the internet is the answer to myriad questions but I really don’t believe it will come to that.

Q: What do you still need to do before diving into this project?

A: Now, as I started my other crocheting project in December of last year, I know the very basics of the art. This doesn’t mean I’m good at it, I’d say a little of the opposite in fact. This can be remedied easily enough with practice which I will be doing diligently. I never realized how calming and just plain fun crocheting is. Set up a video or movie, get your wool, get a decent amount of rows in, and then repeat until finished. The sensation of creating is one I don’t normally feel but I think I will grow to cherish. Some extra yarn and hooks from the nearest craft store wouldn’t hurt either.

Q: What can you do to help?

A: What can YOU do to help? Well, I’m not sure exactly who’s reading this but encouragement is always appreciated. Whether this is just a simple compliment of my current work or a full conversation about what I’m doing, anything is amazing. Any interest is welcome and sooner or later I’ll probably be seeking out people to share the new skills with. We’ll see!


So that’s what I’m going to be doing for the next little! Check back in in a little while to see how far I’ve gotten. We’ll both see how this project goes together. And with that, I’ll be leaving, ‘til next time dear reader.


All the best,


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  1. This is a great way to integrate two projects. I am looking forward to your progress reports. Remember to take photos along the way.

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