In-Depth Introduction post, #1

  Hello all! Thank you all for coming, and I hope at least some of you will stay with me to see this project to completion. Now, I know you’re all dying to know what I’ve chosen this year as my topic. Now in a bit of stark contrast to my topic last year, this […]

Q2 Core competency assessment

1. During Quarter 1, what went well for you? Being back in the class with all my peers went very well for me. The re-introduction to in-person classes helped both with my work ethic and overall enjoyment. My English class especially seemed to go remarkably well, even with a few slight flaws. 2. During Quarter […]

Bioplastics and Biodegradability TALON Talk

Below is a link to my PowerPoint and TALON Talk. To get the best experience, play from the beginning in the slide show menu. Once the presentation starts, progress one slide and everything should work fine. Link here: TALON Talk- Bioplastics and Biodegradability   My script, notes, and bibliography are also linked below if you […]

In-Depth Final Post, The End Result

Good evening to all of those reading this! This is my In-Depth 2020 final presentation. To introduce myself, my name is Nathan Nishimura and I am a grade 9 student this year in the Talons program. I decided to do my In-Depth project on digital music composition, specifically the Lo-Fi Hip-hop genre. I chose to […]

In-Depth #6, tying it together?

  Hello to anyone who is still reading these posts. I don’t know why you are, they’re not very interesting, but here I go anyway.  I have fallen into a good rhythm of making music, looking at more videos for inspiration, and meeting my mentor if I have any questions. I have tried to continue […]

Ecological Footprint Assignment

As per the request of one of my teachers I measured my ecological footprint. My footprint was 7.11 hectares, and you can check to see exactly how here.   My Recording Sheet   My footprint was on the lower end but not the smallest amongst a few of my friends. It was also quite high […]

TALONS Digital Literacy Assignment Post

Education of First Nations PowerPoint. For the first project, a socials one, I have chosen a PowerPoint I helped put together with some of my classmates. Below is a link to that project. First Nations Education PowerPoint In this project, we were set out in groups of four to I researched the state of education […]