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My question for my TALON Talk is “How does the amount of sunlight plants that have been grafted together get affect the success of the graft?”

Link to Script, Appendix, and Work Cited: Here

Link to PowerPoint: Here

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  1. Wow, good job Ruby! It was really interesting learning about the history of grafting and how a tree able to produce 40 diffrent fruits exists. I am just curious about your opinion: do you think grafting will be used more or less in the future? Why or why not? Personally, I do think it will be used more in the future, especially since the existence of The Tree with 40 Fruits proves that we have the ability to reduce quite a bit of the space the agriculture industry takes up. In addition to this, increased yield from grafted plants equals more profits, so it’s also a good choice for sellers to make. Good job!

    1. Personally, I agree with you and think that grafting will be used more in the future, especially if the demand for agriculture products continues to increase. But it may be awhile before grafting becomes a common practice, because of how many factors there are that could lead to the graft failing.

      Thanks for watching!

  2. Great Job! You did a great job explaining your topic. I knew nothing about the topic before watching your presentation and by the end I had learned a lot. I would suggest that you add more enthusiasm and emphasis on parts of the presentation when you are speaking, particularly the more important parts. Is there a max amount to how many plants you can graft together and if so what happens if you exceed this limit?
    – Ben

    1. I’m glad that you were able to learn more about grafting from my video.

      As far as I can tell there is no limit to the number of plants you can graft together, but one thing that might restrict that number is the fact that the plants have to be compatible. So basically, however many plants you have that are compatible or in the same family as one another, you could graft them together.

      Thanks for viewing!

  3. Hi Ruby! Awesome presentation! Really enjoyed it! I really liked your outline and the notes on your presentation. You had a lot of information, and you were able to connect them back to your original idea, I learned a lot about grafting and how grafted plant need to grow under specific conditions.

    However, I felt like instead of actually playing the tree of 40 fruits video, you could have referred to it and explained it yourself.

    I wondering if how water contributes to the grafting process. Are there also specific rules to grafted plants?

    Overall, great presentation! It was informative and educational! Great job, Ruby!

    – Joanna

    1. Thanks for watching my talk!

      The amount of water a grafted plant gets also plays a large part in whether or not the graft succeeds. When performing a graft you have to make sure that both the root system and scion are well hydrated, which means you have to place them in water until you are ready to graft them. After that if the graft succeeds you can water it the same as pretty much any other type of plant.

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