Hi Everyone! My question for my TALON Talk is “How does the amount of sunlight plants that have been grafted together get affect the success of the graft?” Link to Script, Appendix, and Work Cited: Here Link to PowerPoint: Here Please leave any questions or comments you have below.

In-depth Night 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Ruby and I’m a grade 9 TALONS learner. This year for my in-depth project, I learned about rock climbing. My goal was to learn about climbing techniques and skills, as well as improve my strength. I hope you enjoy watching my video! Thank you for participating in online In-depth Night! […]

In-depth Post #6

Since the last post, I have had to continue changing my in-depth project as I am not able to complete it how I originally planned to. I have been continuing to work on strength and endurance by working out frequently and going on runs. I’ve also been trying to find stuff around my house to climb; so far, I’ve climbed the tree […]

In-depth Post #5

Since the last post, I have not made as much progress as I have between posts in the past, as there is nowhere I can go to climb. Because of this, I have had to alter my project to focus more on the strength and conditioning part of climbing. To stay fit, I have been […]

In-depth Post #4

Questions What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why? The most difficult challenge so far has been finding time for my mentor and I to meet, especially now that all climbing gyms in the area have been closed. It has been a challenge to find times for us to meet since both […]

In-depth Post #3

It is now 2 months into in-depth and time has been flying by. I’ve made some good progress with my project and I hope to continue learning and progressing as much as possible. So far, my mentor and I have been trying to meet up at least once every 2-3 weeks. So far each session […]

In-depth Post #2

Over the past few weeks I have mainly been focusing on strength and conditioning. I’ve done some upper body workouts with the weights and bench press that I have at home. I’ve also been having lacrosse twice a week where we do lots of training and running. So far I’ve been climbing once at Base 5, […]

My Eminent Project

Eminent was a 5 week long project that involved picking a person that is/was considered notable in some way or made an impact on the world and writing a speech about them from the perspective of someone the knew or an inanimate object. For my project I chose to research and write a speech about […]

In-depth Introductory Post

For my in-depth project I have decided to learn more about rock climbing. I chose rock climbing because in  the past I have gone climbing at Climb Base 5 gym with friends for fun, and I really enjoyed it, but now I want to learn more about techniques. Another reason that I want to do […]

Annotated Bibbliography – Abby Wambach

Works Cited Abby Wambach. 2018. Website. 28 November 2019. <https://abbywambach.com/>. Abby Wambach Biography. 20 February 2019. Website. 28 November 2019. <https://articlebio.com/abby-wambach>. Bullock, Maggie. Abby Wambach Wishes She Didn’t Buy All Those Watches and Cars. 28 March 2019. Website. 1 December 2019. <https://www.thecut.com/2019/03/abby-wambach-soccer-player-more-money-pay.html>. This website talks about some of the financial struggles that Abby has experienced […]