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Assignment #1 Eminent Research, Speech and Presentation

Assignment #1 Eminent Research, Speech and Presentation

Project Link: Eminent Speech

Research & Bibliography: Bibliography

Photos of my Eminent learning centre:

II. Description

For the Eminent project, we choose any person in the world, who we believe is Eminent. They need to be someone who has made a positive impact on their field. To start the Eminent project, we create an Introductory Blog Post to introduce the person who we decide is Eminent. After the blog post, we write a speech, which is previewed and edited by our peers to present at the end of the project. One of the main parts of the project is Eminent night, which is a night that we as students plan. Eminent night showcases our learning and hard work over the past month on Eminent. We present as people walk by or come to our station, similar to a science fair.

III and IV. DL Criteria and Reflections

  1. I tailor my work to appeal to my intended auidnece, and use language and visual design elements appropriate for them. (#2)

The intended audience for the speech is my classmates and my teachers. I tailored my work to them by trying to create an engaging speech using body language, gesticulation and a clear voice to project myself to the audience. For my Eminent night showcase, I kept it to all audiences.  I had background music from the Eminent person’s movie and a few visuals from the movies as well. I made sure to make it interactive with a community drawing page as well.

2. I attribute credit to ideas that are not my own by preparing a Bibliography/Works Cited and by using in-text citations. (#13)

I created an annotated bibliography that explained a few of the sources and how I used them. I made sure to cite every source I used. This included videos and interviews. I also made sure to source the sources used in each of the videos I sourced. I had no need for in-text citations in this case because it was mostly an oral presentation.

3.I enhance the impact of my research or presentation through creative use of technology. (#5)

For this project, I used a speaker to play music from a few of Shinkai’s movies to create an atmosphere around the presentation. I also created a playlist of visually stunning clips from his animations to play on my laptop in the background. I also used my laptop to show more specific examples of scenes I talked about to listeners.

4.I design my work with consideration given to aesthetics and design, such as consistent colour schemes, symmetry or organization of visual elements, and overall layout. (#7)

For my Eminent night presentation, I kept to a general theme of blues and purples on my board and used a red backlighting to contrast against those colours. I tried my best to keep everything on the board evenely spaced. I also made sure to have pieces on both sides of the presentation so that it didn’t seem unbalanced.

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