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In-Depth Post #2 | Agreeing, Disagreeing and Differing

Over the past few weeks since my blog post, I have been practicing for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday after climbing. Right now, the progress has been pretty slow because I’m still learning to stand and walk on the slackline, but I’m still enjoying it a lot so far. The reason I use the slackline after climbing is because there are two metal poles made for slacklines just outside of the gym in the “backyard”.

Other than learning to stand and walk along the line, I’ve been practicing learning how to jump onto the slackline from a seated position (see video). It went better than I expected, but it’s quite difficult to stay on the slackline after landing.

Even after the first few days of practice, my balance on the slackline has been getting better. It’s hard to tell through the videos because sometimes I stand up wrong or at the wrong speed (too fast or too slow). When I do this, it makes it significantly harder to balance on the slackline, so I usually fall off. Near the end of the video is the most recent recording that demonstrates how much longer I can balance for. I’ve also noticed that my leg is a lot more stable overall, so that I don’t shake when putting pressure on the slackline. This makes standing up significantly easier.

Other than the space I use in outside at the back of the gym, I can setup the slackline at a nearby park on trees. To prevent damaging the trees I will be using the tree huggers shown in the last post as padding. I’ve set it up a couple times in the past before, so I know where exactly I want to set it up. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be able to set it up in the climbing gym because they have limited space for members and I would either need to come extremely early in the morning or extremely late at night.

Here’s a bit of my progress so far:

Agreeing, Disagreeing and Differing

For this post, the book talks about agreeing, disagreeing, and differing opinions/knowledge with our mentor. So far, I haven’t disagreed with my mentor over anything because he is teaching me about a topic I am not very knowledgeable in. Overall, I’ve mostly been agreeing with him.  The only part that we have disagreed on was balancing. My mentor mentioned that keeping my foot closer would make it easier to balance, but I disagreed, saying that holding it out first would make it easier. Well, I at least thought that holding it out to the side made it easier for me, but I found that both techniques worked pretty well. Using them both (switching between holding my foot out and keeping it in) made balancing less awkward. It also decreased the amount my leg shook when it went on the slackline, which made it significantly easier to balance.

I will be expecting some differing opinions in the future due to our different personal experiences and backgrounds. These opinions may be related to what I may want to learn or on different topics related to slacklining.

Overall, my mentor has been quite helpful in supporting my learning on the slackline and I have been improving at a comfortable rate. I’m excited to continue learning more about slacklining as well as everything else included.




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