10 thoughts on “Eliza Hamilton Learning Center

    1. Yes, I’m pretty sure it has. Eliza was one of my favorite characters in Hamilton because she was just such a genuinely awesome person, and I’m sure she’ll continue to inspire me to help people, too.

  1. Hi Xylia!
    I really liked your website for your Learning Center! I though that it looked clean and your information was well spread out between the images. I knew about the orphanage before and liked how you went in depth!

    1. I watched the musical about Alexander Hamilton a few months ago, and it made me want to research about every single one of the characters. When I learned we had to do a project on an eminent person I thought to myself: “Eminent person? Eliza’s an eminent person…” so I decided to do her. I’m gonna research everyone else during winter break!

  2. Hello! I absolutely love your learning centre! Learning about her work with the orphanage is super inspiring! I learned so much from your blog! 🙂

  3. Xylia, I absolutely think your learning centre is very well done! Great job! It was very interesting


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