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  1. Hi Aj! I loved your presentation. It was very clear and you sounded like you had a passion for your topic. Now for a question. I was wondering how Bulls see color or if they see colors at all? Your presentation reminded me of the myth of bulls hating the color red and I was wondering if during your research you came across anything around this. Thanks!
    – Natalie

    • Thank you for the feedback, Natalie! I did do a little bit of research regarding a bull’s vision and it is very similar to a dog’s. They don’t have a red colour cone; they actually get mad at it only because it’s moving.

  2. Hi AJ!
    Your TALON talk was amazing! It was super interesting and well researched. It’s kind of mind boggling to think that even though we’re used to seeing the world one way, other animals see it completely differently! I can’t even imagine what a butterfly sees, but it’d be cool if one day we’d be able to invent something to do so. I was wondering if using different colours in dog toys and stuff like that impacts them in any way. Like, we decorate stuff with different colours, but they don’t even see it like we do! (I’m also wondering, IS there a way to see what a butterfly sees? I NEED TO KNOW)

  3. Hey AJ! This was a truly amazing ted talk. I loved the way you elaborated and extended on each of your points and even added humour into your presentation! It was a really enjoyable experience and overall really educational. Something that got me thinking was you said some types of butterflies had 15 cones. What if humans saw colour differently from each other? We are different enough in terms of genetics and appearance, why not sight?

  4. Hi AJ!
    I loved your presentation! It’s so cool how our topics are similar – we both want to know about how other creatures sense the world around us. Your presentation was super cool and I loved the humourous bits tossed in and your charisma while presenting. You taught the listener so much while still keeping it cool and interesting. Everything was also super clear and thorough.
    I wanted to ask about how seeing abilities are related to organs – you talked about how different cones can affect the perception of colour but are there variations in entire organs depending on the vision differences? To rephrase – are there certain categories of vision organs that animals can have, or is there a whole bunch of variation from species to species? Do butterflies share their insane vision organs with other bugs, or are they alone? I’m getting a bit rambly here, rephrasing the same question over and over, but I’m super intrigued and your presentation honestly piqued my interest!
    Thanks so much for all the knowledge,
    – Bana

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