November Core Competency Activity

Grit Score:

My score was 3.9 on the grit scale, which I know can easily be raised with some work. I think the main thing that I need to improve on is my focus skills when it comes to sticking to one specific project or activity.


What went well in quarter 1?

Just the fact that we are even able to be in school at all is a huge plus. It gives me a chance to get to know my peers/teachers and let me work in a space that isn’t my own home. I hope we continue to handle the pandemic well. I also have started using an app to keep track of important things, to help prioritize things that I need to work on.

What was challenging in quarter 1?

It was quite challenging to transition from middle school to TALONS accelerated classes in the first place, but it didn’t help that we have to deal with a pandemic during this transition. I also had to start off with my least favorite subject on top of that. Once I got used to the environment a little bit better, things generally started to go more smoothly, however, I knew it could switch back almost instantly.

What do you want to improve in the next quarters?

Covid has been making it slightly difficult to connect with my classmates and teachers, but I think that it is only going to go uphill from here now that I am more familiar with ‘the new way of school’. However, something that I need to focus on this quarter is asking more questions and speaking up when I need to. I have already started to improve on this, but as school gets harder, I’m not going to be able to do it on my own.

What are two things that you’re going to do to get to your goal?

  1. Like I said before, to be able to succeed, I need to not only be able to ask my teachers for assistance when needed occasionally but I also know that I can’t only rely on them. I must use other resources like classmates or even google. This is why I need to start telling my parents more about school each day. It’s very easy to ask for help from my peers, since they are with me the whole day, doing the same work. However, they’re not always going to be able to help.
  2. This doesn’t only have to be for asking questions, but I think writing things down in the moment more often is going to help when someone is busy and not able to help with whatever I’m asking of them. (Which is also why I need multiple resources)

How will you work through challenges?

I have noticed that most of the time when I get stressed out over something, it is because I am trying to do everything almost simultaneously; focusing on the big picture. This is why I use tools to help me keep track of things to narrow it down to individual tasks. I have a lot going on right now, and my plate is only going to get fuller once the pandemic comes to an end.

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