Learning Centre 2020 (Mr. Beast)

Here is my Learning Centre PowerPoint for Eminent Person

Click and you get a cookie

AJs Learning Center.pptx

All of my images were either from Mr. Beast’s thumbnails or Wikipedia.org


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4 thoughts on “Learning Centre 2020 (Mr. Beast)

    • Thanks, Mr. Gosselin! The trivia was more just a fun thing to do since Mr. Beast does similar friendly competitions on his channel.

  1. Informative and creative presentation. You have a way with words. Mr. Beast seems to be a generous individual. How does he decide who gets a share of his earnings?

    • Thank you for the feedback. To answer your question, he generally likes to make content on current issues and finds people who are affected by it. Anybody who is special to him or that he thinks deserves something in any way is certain to make an appearance on the channel!

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