In-Depth Post #2 – AJ

Chapters 1-3 on ‘How to Have a Beautiful Mind’

This blog post was postponed because today was the earliest that I could reschedule a meeting with my mentor, in which I focussed on;

  1. Gathering backup/additional resources online.
  2. How I can use what I learn outside of these websites.
  3. Coming up with a consistent schedule for meetings that work for both of us.


Links that he provided me with (outside of Khan Academy):

(The 3rd link is a downloadable editor for code/note-taking)


We plan to meet up every 2-3 weeks on Tuesdays, this meeting lasting around 30 minutes. The topics that we discuss were initiated by a question of mine, which we would talk about while he gives examples with provided evidence.

Although there wasn’t much disagreement, there were times that I understood one thing, and my mentor would talk about another thing or something different that I hadn’t thought about. I needed to listen to what he was saying, and sometimes ask follow-up questions to be able to know where he is coming from.

I think that it’s really important to have an understanding of these skills, in order to get the most out of discussions. I will continue to not only apply them to our future meetings but also to other conversations between friends and family.

The reason I wanted to get more resources in the first place, is because I believe that I must practice it as much as possible along with learning. The meeting ended with the two of us agreeing that it is a very important part of learning this kind of skill.

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