In-depth Post #3 – AJ

How to Have a Beautiful Mind Chapters 4-5 

  • How to be interesting 
  • How to respond 


This past week, I have been focusing on working with and getting used to the new programs that I have been introduced to. 


To recap, these were the links that my mentor showed me last week, which was one thing that we discussed this time as well. Another topic will be where I should go next (with my new knowledge and resources). 


Planning uses for the new resources. 

As well as continuing with Khan Academy, my mentor showed me a couple of extra websites to look atI decided the previous week, however, that it was best to keep Khan Academy as my main resource.  

My mentor then reminded me that his kids used to learn the language, and used as it gives access to numerous lessons to different experienced people. This was an opportunity to make that connection to build off of and acknowledge that it is a very useful resource that I plan to use for practice purposes. 

The bottom line is, I will most likely never run out of learning materials and online resources. Especially since we have a way of communicating even when we are not in a scheduled meeting, through messenger. 


One thing that my mentor does during our discussions is ask me questions about what he is talking about. This is super useful because it makes it more interactive and keeps me on my toes. I feel like I learn more this way rather than just listening. (Like a one-way conversation.) 


Where to next? (Planning ahead) 

My mentor and I knew each other through his kids prior to this project, which allows for connections being made because he has already gone through this kind of thing with them which can help make more detailed supporting points.

This week’s meeting ended with us trying to figure out our first real progress check, and I brought up the idea of making a themed project for this weekend (Valentine’s Day), to cover what I have learned thus far. We brainstormed what aspects I should include: 

  • Various colors 
  • At least 3 distinct shapes 
  • Basic animation should be incorporated 


I think that my mentor and I have made good progress, and a solid plan to continue to grow. We both think that these things are important for consistency so that can continue to expand my knowledge until the next meeting. 

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